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Picket Fences

Picket Fences have thousands of variations, from the style of picket to the pattern of how that picket
is installed, timber type, height, spacing to name a few.

So where do you start? The best thing is to decide what styles you like and to do this its as easy as
taking a drive and looking at some fences locally, grab a photo of something you like and we can
discuss the design from there.

If its timber we can build it for you.

We can help with any questions you have and assist in the design choices. specific to your house

Capped & Arched Picket 

  • Exposed posts and pyramid post caps

  • Arched top board

  • Capping

  • Electric sliding gate

  • Pre-primed & painted by Fence Fences



Feature Fence

  • 135mm Spotted Gum

  • Electric sliding gate

  • Single pedestrian gates


Heritage Style

  • Exposed posts and pyramid post caps

  • Top board & capping

  • Heritage style gate using steel frame

  • Pre-primed



Timber Batten Fence

  • 42x42mm batten fence

  • Electric sliding gate

  • Pre-primed


Picket with Lollipop Posts

  • Exposed posts

  • Rounded post top and rounded collar

  • Blank pickets

  • Handrail capping

  • Feature pickets between each bay











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